Please read the following statements carefully:
1. Some AP classes fulfill graduation and A-G requirements that students need in order to graduate and/or qualify for four-year universities. Be aware that if you fail an AP class in your senior year, you may not have time to make up necessary credits.

2. Many AP classes have additional Pre-Course Assignments. Go to
for details on the Pre-Course Assignments for specific AP courses.

3. Weighted grades will only be conferred to students who pass an AP class with a grade of C or higher. Grades of C and lower will not be conferred the AP weighted grades.

4. Students wishing to drop an AP course may only do so up to two weeks into the term, and must have a parent/teacher conference.

5. The typical student who benefits from AP classes demonstrates the qualities below. AP coursework is not
appropriate for many high school students, and may overwhelm those who are not sufficiently prepared for the
increased workload. You should exemplify the following qualities before you sign up for an AP class.
● Highly motivated. Self-directed. Well-organized
● Works productively with others.
● Minimal behavioral problems.
● Proficient with basic technology.
● Has post-secondary goals.
● 3.33 or higher GPA in Core classes.
● Grade of B in preceding subject-area class.
● 90%+ attendance
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