Botanical Garden of the Piedmont
It is our goal to design Botanical Garden of the Piedmont so the built Garden meets the needs of the entire community and is a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable space for everyone! To do that, we are reaching out to learn what you would like to see and do in the Garden. Please share three minutes of your time, your answers to the following questions will help guide the Garden to be the best it can possibly be!

To learn more about Botanical Garden of the Piedmont, please visit our website at

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1.  What is your age?
2.  How many people live in your household?
3.  What are the ages of children living in your household?
4.  Do you consider yourself in a marginalized or othered group?
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5,  What is your zip code?
6.  Do you feel welcome in parks or public open spaces?
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7.   Why would you visit the new Botanical Garden? (Please click all that apply).
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8.  What garden features do you think you would use? (Please click all that apply)
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9.  What types of events would you want to come to for free? (Please click all that apply)
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10. Would you be willing to pay a nominal fee to attend these events?
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11.  Name one or two things that would make the garden feel welcoming to you.
12.  Have you been to a site tour or seen a Zoom presentation of the Garden?
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13.  If not, would you like to?
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14.  If you have been to a site tour or seen a Zoom presentation, what group were you associated with?
15  What is your name? (Optional)
16.  What is your email address? (Optional)
17.  Please share any other thoughts you have about the Garden.
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