Parents/Carers Questionnaire
Parents Evening
Year 9 - Wednesday 7th February 2018
1. My child likes this school
2. My child was helped to settle in well when he/she started at the schools
3. I believe my child is making good progress at school
4. I believe that my child is safe at school
5. I believe that pupils behave well in school
6. Other children do not bully my child
7. I believe that if any bullying, harassment or discrimination occurs, the school deals with it
8. I believe that the quality of teaching is good
9. I believe that my child has good learning experiences, including educational trips and visits
10. I believe that staff expect my child to work hard and to do his/her best
11. I believe that staff treat all children fairly and with respect
12. I believe the school helps my child to understand how eating and drinking can affect their health
13. I believe my child has plenty of opportunities to get regular exercise at school
14. I believe the school helps my child to become mature and to take on responsibility
15. I believe that my child receives appropriate extra support when he/she needs it
16. I believe the school keeps me well informed about my child's progress
17. The school seeks my views as a parent and considers the feedback that i provide about the school
18. If I share problems or issues with the school, it responds and deals with them appropriately
19. I believe that my child can access enough books and equipment at school to support their learning
20. I believe the school is well run and managed
21. I believe the school prepares my child well for moving on to the next school, sixth form, college or into employment
If you wish to explain any of your responses or to add any further comments, please use this space.
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