Supporting Group Sign-On for the *NEW* #CuomoWalkTheTalk Digital Campaign.
The April 23 Cuomo: Walk The Talk on Climate was a beautiful action! (Probably thanks to your efforts.)

Now #CuomoWalkTheTalk can live on as a digital -- and sometimes in person -- campaign to remind Cuomo and the public of our demands and Cuomo's mounting hypocrisies on climate.

What does signing your group on mean?
We hope every group that was part of the April23rd action will want to remain part of this campaign, but we've made this form to be 100% sure. You're groups name will be listed as a supporting group with a link to the website you provide.

Adding your organization's name signifies you are supporting the demands addressed to Governor Cuomo (same as the April 23rd action represented) and exposing Cuomo's lack of action:
1) Stop all fracking infrastructure. Stop permitting more gas and oil pipelines and power plants, which destroy our air and water while locking in decades of climate pollution;
2) Move to 100% renewable energy in a rapid and just transition that creates tens of thousands of good, union jobs, and investment, especially for low-income communities and communities of color;
3) Make corporate polluters pay for the pollution they dump into our atmosphere, which damages our health and destabilizes our climate. Then use the money to fund the just transition to 100% renewables.

AND that you are going to do your best to spread the word among your members and communities encouraging them to share the campaign! A "Sharing Toolkit" to help spread the word will be emailed and provided on the website when ready.

The campaign is non-partisan and NOT electoral in nature. No candidates will be endorsed. Our intent is that 501c3 organizations should feel comfortable supporting.

Please anticipate a delay of up to a week between submission and being added to the website just due to capacity – nothing personal. :)

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