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(Section 1 of 4) Educational Outcomes
The following statements relate to the course materials as an educational experience.
(Question 1 of 8) The intended educational outcomes of the course were clear. *
i.e. I knew what I was supposed to be learning and why
(Question 2 of 8) The information within the course materials was complete, fulfilling the educational outcomes. *
(Question 3 of 8) The learning activities were useful to me, helping to clarify my understanding of the course materials. *
Learning activities e.g. Multiple choice questions, clinical scenarios etc.
(Question 4 of 8) I found the use of multimedia, such as audio, video and graphics to be appropriate and beneficial to my learning. *
(Question 5 of 8) The content of this course (including any multimedia) was clear to understand. *
(Question 6 of 8) The content of this course (including any multimedia) was accurate. *
(Question 7 of 8) The course materials provided me with an engaging learning experience. *
(Question 8 of 8) The course materials were enjoyable to use. *
Please add any other comments you would like to make concerning your educational experience, or in relation to specific learning outcomes.
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(Section 2 of 4) Usability and Reliability
(Question 1 of 2) Where did you access the course materials from? (select all that apply) *
If you reviewed these materials from an NHS Trust Computer, which Trust were you based at?
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(Question 2 of 2) Did you have any difficulties accessing the course materials, e.g. Slow to download, didn't work at all etc.? (select all that apply) *
(Section 3 of 4) General Feedback
(Question 1 of 2) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being poor, 10 being excellent) how would you rate these learning materials? *
(Question 2 of 2) Would you like to see more materials like this in your medical course? *
Any Other Comments
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