Grant Evaluation
The purpose of this form is to allow DEF to assess the quality and/or impact of funded grants. All grantees are asked to submit a completed self-evaluation after the implementation or at the completion of their grant.

Generally, the evaluation will be submitted 6 months after the receipt of grant funds but extensions may be requested to allow for meaningful results. The evaluation must be received prior to making a new grant request, or within 6 months of receiving the grant, whichever comes first.

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School(s), Grade(s), Classroom(s), or Community Organization(s) in which the grant benefitted: *
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Original Amount Requested ($):
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For Organizations Outside of 9-R: please submit copies of receipts for all purchases to; please include organization name and grant title with receipts.
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If the total amount requested was not funded in full, did you find additional funding sources? If yes, from whom?
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Execution & Impact
Describe any significant changes you made to the grant execution, and why you made them. Will this grant have an impact beyond your classroom and/or beyond this year? Could this grant have a wider application within School District 9-R? *
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Grant Elements
Please answer one or more of the following question based on the type of item requested within your grant:

For Programs or Projects:
- Will the program or project be continued?
- What, if anything, would you change to improve it?

For Materials:
- Did you have sufficient materials to achieve the desired outcomes? If not, why not?

Technology (hardware or software):
- Were you able to implement the technology as fully as you’d anticipated?

Please provide your answer for the question(s) stated above: *
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Summarize the impact your grant had on your students’ academic achievement: Use your observations, include collected data, experiences, feedback, and improvements made to your professional practice. Please share relevant teacher, student, and/or parent feedback. *
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