Team Alpha Application
Thanks for your interest in being a part of Team Alpha! Please answer questions to the best of your ability and make sure to follow Rule #4 "Always do something awesome over something not awesome."

Keep in mind that you will be paid plentifully in the form of T-shirts, free double stuff oreos, and the opportunity to launch something bigger and more awesome than any other internship...while working at the coolest company in the city...but you won't get paid in cash.

Awesome Inc has internships for the Spring, Summer or Fall season. Make sure to note when you'd like to intern in the appropriate question below.
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Why are you applying to Awesome Inc? *
Don't think about the answer to this question - just be honest and start typing.
Please rank the top 3 teams you are most interested in joining. *
Web Development & Programming
Video Production
Events & Marketing
Graphic Design
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What skills do you have? *
Not just your "major" but what are you good at? (i.e. photoshop, illustrator, final cut, adobe premiere, sales, programming languages, demonstrated event planning, writing, nunchucks, etc)
Show us something awesome you've done? *
Include a link to something you've created related to the team you are applying to. This can be a link to a video you've made, a blog post you've written, a website you've built, a graphic design example...or get creative. Keep in mind this is probably the most important question of the application so be sure to choose something relevant.
What's the most Awesome thing you have ever created? *
This can be a description of the project you linked to above or something totally different that is equally awesome.
What's your definition of "Awesome"? *
Awesome Inc exists to facilitate each of its members' pursuits of their own definition of "Awesome" for their lives. What's yours - your dream life, a perfect day, a really lofty significant accomplishment.
How do you plan to contribute at Awesome Inc? *
People that come here already know that they are awesome (but we remind them daily anyway). They are a part of Awesome Inc though because they are adding something to it. So, what could you add?
In regards to your availability, please tell us your ideal timeline for an internship (start date, hours per week and estimated duration). *
In consideration of your FF (flake factor) please check the range 5 hrs less than what you think your actual availability is (i.e. if you think you can do 10-15 hrs/wk, please put 5-10...seriously) *
What's the hardest thing you've ever done? What made it so hard for you? *
Do you know anyone at Awesome Inc? *
How did you find out about Awesome Inc? *
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