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Welcome to the leading community of Diplomacy in the Middle East. Those interested in becoming part of the Arab Organisation of Diplomacy's cosmopolitan experts' network of Trainers, Lecturers, and Consultants and who are willing to support the ideals as set out in the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and willing to support the AOD in its activities, should fill in this form to express their interest in cooperation with AOD. We review all applications on a continuously regular daily basis and applicants are connected based on available opportunities and AOD's needs.

Eligibility criteria to join us a Trainer, Lecturer, and Consultant:
- You have at least completed your Master's degree and have at least 2 years of working experience.
- You have at least completed your Bachelor's degree and have at least 5 years of working experience.
- Your degree is part of the social science or humanities (Political Science, International Relations, International Development, Law, Media and Communication, Literature, Business and Administration, Economics, and Management, Sociology, anthropology, philosophy... etc).
- You are at least 23 years old.
- One of the following languages is your mother language (Arabic, English, or French).
- You commit yourself to pay the regular membership fee as outlined here:

- You can apply to be considered for more than one position (You can be a Trainer, a Lecturer, and a Consultant at the same time)
- Accepted and selected Trainers, Lecturers, and Consultants are not in any mandatory or binding working conditions with AOD and therefore do not receive any monetary compensation or remuneration.
- Compensation is only paid to you if you are asked to deliver a certain assignment (such as a training or workshop or a lecture or a research or a project) and upon mutually signed agreement.
- Consultants will be featured on a special page on the website and are committed to paying an extra annual fee of 50 euros.
- Lecturers and Trainers will not be featured on the website, and they do not have to pay any extra fees. Only the regular membership fee.

Contact info for any requires or clarifications:
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