Building Data - for potential delivery of education and training activities
Thanks for taking the time to provide some building information for the Every Building Is A Classroom platform. This form contains a series of questions to define the range of information we would like to capture for buildings at this time.

Those questions which are mandatory are marked with an asterisk (*). Please note that at a minimum you will need to know the location of the building you want to add, and be able to provide contact details for someone who can facilitate bookings of this building (or rooms within the building) for use as a classroom.
Building name *
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Building Description
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Capacity (number of people that can be accommodated) *
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Building Location
In order to give us the precise location of the building, you can use one or more of the following options:
- Locate the building on and write the 3 words below
- Provide GPS coordinates (if you know them), or find them by dropping a pin on the exact location on Google Maps
- If you can't do either of the above, please provide a description of the building location, including how you would provide directions to someone who was trying to find it
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GPS coordinates - longitude
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GPS coordinates - latitude
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Description & Directions
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