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This form is to help us get ideas for fundraisers and park improvement projects. Because our group is so small we need to make sure our efforts are focused on things people want to do at the park, or want to partake in to help us raise funds. As we are a 501c3 non-profit, all of our funding goes back into Punderson State Park or Park Events. Below are some ideas we have, but want to see what the interest is before we propose or organize anything to the park. Please note our options are based on what we feel we can accomplish. Also note, that we do things that the park cannot normally staff or fund on their own. Although recent improvements are being made, some of these may not necessarily be what park goers want or would like at the park - that is what we are here for.

Due to state restrictions, it is becoming more difficult to raise funds on state park property (at the park). Although this may seem to "defeat the purpose" of what we do for the park, we feel we can raise the funds outside the park, and use those funds within the park by adding/improving facilities and hosting "FREE" events where we can accept donations. Punderson is in the heart of Newbury and is not only draw for tourists, but also a place where local families can take their children, have picnics, play golf/disc golf, boat, kayak, camp, fish or even tour a haunted mansion! We want to help make it great for everyone.

**WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH GEAUGA PARKS - Punderson is a STATE park, Geauga Parks are COUNTY parks.

** We are only collecting e-mail addresses to maintain the validity of responses, we will NOT contact you or put you on a mailing list.

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We will NOT contact you in regards to this form. We feel that people who really wish to help or volunteer will either come to our meetings and maintain contact with us if they wish to help out or volunteer, so PLEASE contact us at if you would like to help. The more people we have to help, the more we can do!
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