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MSC One (new token system)
MSC One Start Edition (Reduced bundle)
Actran (acoustics)
Adams (system dynamics)
Cradle (CFD)
Digimat (complex materials)
Dytran (crash and blast)
LS Dyna (crash)
Easy5 (1D systems - Hydraulics, controls etc.)
Marc (Non-linear FEA)
MSC Apex (New CAE platform)
MSC Nastran (FEA)
Patran (FEA)
Simufact Additive (3D Printing - steel)
Simufact Forming (Forging, rolling etc.)
Simufact Welding (Arc, laser etc.)
Vi-Rail (Train dynamics)
Material Center (Tests, database and usage)
SimManager (Enterprise simulation management)
Sinda (Radiation only thermal calcs)
CivilFEM (FEM for Civil Engineers)
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