Burn Barrel Application form
This form is to be used to apply for a Burn Permit for a Burn Barrel only. All other types of fires must use the Fire Application Form.

The applicant must be the Responsible Person for the fire. This means they are the one in charge of creating, maintaining and ensuring the safety aspects of the Burn Barrel.
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Please have your Burn Barrel ready by 4pm on the date you indicate below, otherwise, inspection may be deferred to the following day.
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Before you submit, please note:

- Burn Barrels may burn wood only. Paper and cardboard create large amounts of embers.
- You must supply your own firewood. You cannot gather fallen timber from the event site and the event does not supply wood for Burn Barrels.
- Your Burn Barrel must be supervised by a competent person at all times.
- If you leave camp or are unable to supervise your Burn Barrel, it must be fully extinguished.

Upon submission of your Burn Barrel Application, you will be contacted via email by the Blazing Swan Fire Lead. You will be provided with the Burn Barrel design, site and management criteria with which your Burn Barrel must comply. If compliant, you will be permitted to set-up your Burn Barrel on-site at Blazing Swan. You must wait until your Burn Barrel has been inspected, approved and issued a Burn Permit before lighting any fires in it.

Submitting this form does not mean a Burn Permit will be granted for your Burn Barrel.

Additionally, a Burn Permit which has been granted can be revoked at any time if there are any safety concerns. This can happen before the Blazing Swan event or during the course of the event.

If you have not had any communication from the Fire Lead within 7 days of submitting this form, please email fire@blazingswan.com.au to follow up your application.

May your fire burn long and bright.
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