Grand Cornell Residents Association Survey
The Grand Cornell Residents Association (GCRA) wants to hear from you! We are excited to see the increased level of participation from members. The reason for the formation of the association is to approach the Markham City Council with an united voice when addressing any community improvements or concerns. With one strong voice we are able to accomplish a lot more!

In order for the organizers to understand how to best serve the community, we would appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to fill out this survey. This will help us understand your priorities and shape our future work for the community.

The GCRA is committed to providing the following:
- Increasing sense of community and belonging through community programs, improvements and events
- Amplifying membership to present community improvements and concerns that matter most to the Markham City Council
- Supporting community businesses via "buy local" and scale up initiatives

If your neighbours / non-members want to have a say in this survey or how to improve the community, please have them contact one of the GCRA organizers ( Membership fees are $20 and include having a voice in community initiatives, participation in GCRA led events and will help cover operating costs.

**If you require this survey in an alternative method or language please do not hesitate to ask.**
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Are you a GCRA member? (If you are, you would have paid $20 to join) *
What are you most excited about as a GCRA member? *
How would you rate the priority of these programs ? *
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High Priority
Ice Rink
Basketball Net
Speeding bumps
Park Lights
Sand Free Playground
Splash pad
Community garden
Neighborhood cameras
Security Guard
Do you have a business? (If yes, please answer the next question) *
Would you like to be part of a GCRA business registry? (If yes, please contact *
Would you like to lead any programs such as the sports fitness or youth program? *
What types of initiatives would you like to see from the association ? Please provide suggestions
Would you recommend a non member to join the association? If not, why? *
How would you like to receive regular updates? *
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