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Developers & DeFi Traders ...We Need You!

The BETA testing of FCTs (Future Conditional Transactions) is on it's way and we would love for you to test it out and give us your feedback!
So what is FCT?

FCT is a tool for developers, however, the beta testing product is also suitable for those with any technical knowledge as well as DeFi users.
Almost any Web3 functionality requires creating a smart contract which inevitably makes the development of Web3 slower. A smart contract requires a solidity developer, which there aren’t many of in the world & an audit which can not only be super expensive but also take a long time. All of this ultimately leaves the power of Web3 innovation in the hands of a chosen few.
Kirobo is offering a new way of building on the blockchain by adding a valuable tool to a developer’s toolbox - Future Conditional Transactions (FCTs). It reduces time-to-market and lowers development costs by reducing the need for a smart contract.

The beta testing product will be available within the next few weeks! You can win up to $15,000 in prizes!

Fill in your details to register & you find more details in our Discord community 

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