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What is the name of the group/community? *
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Did it have any common nicknames or abbreviations? If so, what were they?
What was the group's format (i.e. Newsgroup, Mailing List, etc)?
Was it hosted by a larger non-profit organization (i.e. Tri-Ess, etc) or as part of a wider platform (i.e. Usenet, AOL, etc)? If so, what was it?
What was the primary language posters used? *
In example, American English.
In what (approximate) year was the community founded? If unknown, feel free to put "Unknown."
When was it active (i.e. 1995-2002)?
Did the group have a specific demographic focus (i.e. trans feminine individuals and trans women) or was it aimed at a wider identity category (i.e. LGBTQ individuals at large)?
Links to sources referencing or discussing this group (i.e. magazine/newsletter articles, blog posts, etc.) :
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