Gaelcon 2016 Survey
Thank you for taking this survey! We will use the responses from this to make Gaelcon even bigger and better. It should only take 5-10 minutes and there are no mandatory questions.
What is the main reason you attend Gaelcon?
Aside from the main reason you attended, did you attend any other events? (e.g. you mostly role played but also played boardgames)
How did you hear about Gaelcon?
Do you think the price for events is reasonable?
If we have to raise prices, which we do not want to but may at some point be necessary, would you rather pay more for events (e.g. RPGs, Boardgames) or con entry?
If you did not purchase a t-shirt, why not?
Would you be interested in purchasing any of the below products to help support Gaelcon?
If you used the boardgames passport, would you use it at future con?
If you used the boardgames passport, was it easy to use?
Not easy to use
Very easy to use
If you won a prize, were you pleased with it?
Not pleased at all
Very pleased
Do you like button badges as prizes?
If you played in CCG tournaments, was it easy to sign up?
Did you support our charity Canteen at Gaelcon?
Would you have liked more charity events, fewer, or did you think it was just right?
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