2016 Organelle ReQuiz
May 11, 2016
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1. This is the organelle that stores all the DNA for an organism's genetic code *
2. Facilitated Diffusion usually occurs with the help of *
3. This Organelle has the job of reading RNA to make Proteins *
4. The sodium potassium pump is an example of a protein that moves molecules against it's gradient. This makes it ______________________. *
5. This type of transport requires the use of ATP *
6. This organelle stores extra water, waste or food *
7. This organelle uses glucose to make ATP through the process of cellular respiration *
8. This organelle, found mostly in plants, is where photosythesis occurs *
9. In order for cells to digest things within them, they need a _____________ to store the enzymes. *
10. When molecules are moved from an area of High concentration to an area of low concentration, that is an example of moving ___. *
11. Isotonic means that the concentration of molecules inside a cell is *
12. Exocytosis and Endocytosis are both examples of: *
13. Hypertonic solutions are those that have ____________ of a solute compared to inside the cell. *
14. The organelle responsible for letting things in and out of the cell is the __________ *
15. If you put a living cell in a salt water solution it will ________________ *
16. This organelle collects manufactured proteins for transport throughout the cell. *
17. The Cell Membrane is made up of *
18. Small molecules such as water and oxygen can move through the cell membrane by ________ *
19. This organelle is responsible for the production of hormones and other secretory products. *
20. This organelle is actually a stack of vesicles that packages macromolecules for transport throughout the cell. *
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