AvTech SMS Accident/Incident  and Hazard Reporting
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Any faculty, staff, or student within the Aviation Technologies Department may submit a Accident/Incident or Hazard Report. Reports are reviewed by the AvTech SMS Team who will use the information provided to mitigate future risks or hazards in the department's working spaces.
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Accident/Incident Reports
Accident/Incident Reports are used to address incidents and accidents within the Aviation Technologies' operation areas.

Accident/Incident Reports should be filed if:
1) You witnessed an accident  / Incident.
2) You were involved in an accident / Incident.
3) You feel unsafe in any AvTech Operations Area (where lectures / labs are held).
4) You see an unsafe action performed by a Student, Faculty, and or Staff Member.

There are no repercussions for submitting a Accident/Incident Report.

Any reported actions found to be in violation of the SIU Student Code of Conduct or Illinois State law are subject to disciplinary action.
Hazard Reports
Hazard Reports help to efficiently identify hazards that cannot be immediately resolved within the Aviation Technologies operation areas.

Hazard Reports should be filed if:
1) You notice a possible hazard such as;  equipment / lots of engine fluids on the floor, aircraft jacked but not properly roped off,  piece of equipment not properly secure, etc...
2) The hazard cannot be immediately resolved by yourself or with others.

There are no repercussions for submitting a Hazard Report.
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