Andersen Volunteer Orientation/Contract 2019-2020

Andersen has active and supportive parents whose volunteer work is needed and appreciated. Parents assist in the classroom, library, computer lab, and playground and on many committees on a daily basis. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of our “Triangle of Success” by sharing your time, enthusiasm, and skills with our students. Last year parents and community members logged thousands of volunteer hours. Your efforts help to make our school the exceptional place that it is.


For the safety and protection of our students, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District requires all volunteers complete a screening process prior to your start of service. Please go to Andersen’s website at and submit the “Online Volunteer Registration Form” and bring a current TB test or screening signed by your doctor to the school office. Allow at least 4 weeks for processing. If you have registered on-line for the 18/19 school year it is not necessary to register again for the 19/20 school year as long as your TB test is current. TB must be done every 4 years. ALL NEW PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Must have TB test or screening within 1-60 days of volunteering. Anything over 61 days is NOT valid.
All parents, guardians and adult family members are always welcome to volunteer once they have read and agreed to comply with the expectations of this document.


Volunteer times are scheduled by the classroom teacher or staff member. To eliminate disruption to our learning environment classroom access is limited to your scheduled volunteer time.


All visitors and volunteers must sign-in and sign-out in the school office using their United States drivers license and wear the visitor sticker that will print using the Raptor system. Visitors under the age of 18 may not be on campus during school hours, even if accompanied by a parent, except to attend flag deck, assemblies, programs in the MPR, or 6th Grade promotion.


If you are unable to volunteer at your assigned time, please call or email the staff member you are scheduled to volunteer with 24 hours prior.


The restrooms in the MPR will be available for volunteers.


For safety and confidentiality volunteers are not to enter designated staff areas beyond the front office desk, i.e. nurses office, teacher workroom, staff lounge, mailbox area, staff restrooms.
For safety and liability reasons, young children will not be allowed to accompany volunteers in classrooms. Please park in designated visitor parking areas. Golf carts are not to be driven on school grounds.


Please put your cell phone on silent mode when working on campus. Cell phone ring tones and conversations are disruptive to the learning environment.


All volunteers have an obligation to keep in confidence all information that pertains to the students and staff they assist. Information regarding students, staff, and other volunteers is not to be discussed with anyone who is not entitled to such information. As a parent and/or volunteer at our school, you may observe the learning and behavior of other children. We ask that you respect the confidentiality of each child at our school by not discussing other children’s academic achievement or behavior. Teachers and other school staff cannot discuss another child’s academic achievement or behavior with you.


We believe that all people, adults and children, deserve love and respect. We create a positive atmosphere in our programs by encouraging and supporting our students and one another.


Serious concerns about student behavior during volunteer time should be referred to the teacher or another staff member immediately. Please do not reprimand or try to discipline students. There is always a staff member nearby.


Please refrain from visiting with other volunteers when in your child’s classroom. Parents gathering to chat outside a classroom, in the library or front office can also be disruptive to our learning environment.

Fire Drill: Exit the nearest outside door that is not blocked. Follow staff instructions
Emergency Drill: An announcement will come over intercom: “This is a lock down.” or “Earthquake” Please listen and follow staff instructions.

I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to comply with the expectations of this document. I understand and agree that I am required to comply with the screening process. I understand that the school reserves the right to decline the volunteer service of anyone. I understand and agree that the principal can periodically check in with staff to help monitor volunteers and will contact a volunteer if there is a concern. A copy of this contract is available on the PTA website for your reference.

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