Sonm Masternode Activation Survey
Email address *
Telegram nickname
It is optional, but if you share your telegram nickname and if you have at least 100k+ SNM bank we will invite you to a private decision making chat as a reward. You will be able to have a voice based on their SNM stake.
Qualification details
Please prepare a voting Ethereum account for this survey. You need an Ethereum address with your SNM bank to continue with this survey. Your account must have SNM both at the time you fill the survey and at the time the survey will be closing, so we recommend keeping SNM during the whole duration of the survey.
Your Ethereum address with SNM *
This address must hold SNM in the amount you wish your vote to be weighted and considered
How many SNM do you have on the voting account? *
How many SNM should your vote in this survey weight?
Your signature *
Sign a message containing text "Sonm survey N1 for %you_email%" (replace %you_email% with your actual email, example: "Sonm survey N1 for") with you Ethereum key using MEW: [] Full guide is available in Sonm blog post about survey: []
Run a validator yourself or delegate your stake? *
This time we decide on block producing masternodes. We will higly probably utilise a DPoS consensus, which gives us the following opportunities - to either run a validator node yourself or delegate your stake to someone who will run it.
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