#Decarbonize School Participation

Led by the Centre for Global Education, #Decarbonize Global Child Climate Program uses ICTs to bring together tens of thousands of primary and secondary students in over 70 countries for FREE hands-on, project-based environmental learning experiences.

Every year, children ages 4-19 learn about, dialogue on, and build collective consensus around climate issues, interwoven with concepts of global citizenship, that acknowledge and explore how gender, ethnicity, race, place of residence, and socioeconomic status, continue to shape the climate impacts that children face locally.

Students spend months engaging in storytelling, blog posts, video production, art creation, interactive videoconference exchanges, and climate action. The #Decarbonize program empowers students of all ages with the skills and knowledge necessary to address climate change and natural resource conservation challenges, and to become effective leaders who can best serve their schools and communities.

8 months  >  
   5 continents  >  
      70+ countries  > 
         Ten of thousands of students  >  
            Hundreds of thousands of hours of collaboration

#Decarbonize: Learning that lasts a lifetime. Action that creates a better world.

If you are interested in joining us on the #Decarbonize 2023 project, please register your interest on this form before September 1, 2023.
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For additional information on the #Decarbonize Student Leadership Summit at COP28, please see the application form here.

What is the #Decarbonize Student Leadership Summit? Led by the Centre for Global Education, the #Decarbonize Student Leadership Summit is a youth education and leadership program that allows children ages 13-19 to learn about the economic, social, and environmental interconnections of climate change through hands-on experiences. Alongside experts, students from around the world will come together to build skills in action, advocacy, and global citizenship. The #Decarbonize Summit empowers student as environmental leaders to best serve their homes, schools, and communities. The #Decarbonize Student Leadership Summit is run in parallel to COP (same place, same time). In 2023, students will attend COP28 events in Dubai, UAE, turning their #Decarbonize Summit learning into real advocacy opportunities.
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