So You Wanna Be a CLAW Beneficiary?

We typically solicit applications during the winter months from individuals or organizations who want to be a beneficiary of one of our CLAW events. Past beneficiaries may apply. Upcoming event dates: June 29th and Sept 21st.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Organization MUST Be Available For Either Date!

You Must Meet these Qualifications to Apply:
- You are woman-founded or co-founded cause or project. You do NOT have to be a nonprofit. This means, for example, that we’re open to working with artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and entrepreneurs with compelling ideas.

- You are based in the greater Charlottesville area (i.e. not part of a national organization).

- Someone from your group has attended CLAW before and really gets what we’re all about.

- You can provide a significant delegation from your organization or group to attend and volunteer at the event you’re benefitting from.

- You and your cohorts have the time and the energy to devote to promoting the event with us to your fanbase/membership and the public at large.

If Chosen as a Beneficiary, Here’s What We Need You to Do:
- Price & Sell VIP Tickets. In the past, our beneficiaries have set prices in the range of $25-100/seat. This is a great way to raise a bunch of $ in advance of event. VIP Ticket holders get:

- Ringside seats

- Ringside beverage service

- Some CLAWbucks to start off the evening (to be determined by you)

- Provide a wrestler and entourage [OPTIONAL]

- Promote the event to your fanbase or membership.

- Make a trashy (or tasteful, if that’s your thing) trophy out of found materials for our Champion.

- Provide volunteers on the night of the event to:

- Sell CLAWbucks in the crowd

- Serve drinks to VIPs at the ringside seats

- Staff your org/project info table

- Provide volunteers the morning after the event for cleanup duty.

How to Maximize Your Fundraising:
- Price VIP seats aggressively. You can make as much as $2,000 just by selling those seats.

- PR, PR, PR. Use your social media channels and talk to us about cooperative media opportunities. We will go on the radio with you, for example, and we’ll give you posters to hang.

- Reach out to local businesses and ask them for a donation of money or items

- Explain your mission to CLAW volunteers, at the rehearsal and before the show starts.

- Get up in front of the crowd at CLAW and explain what your project or organization is trying to achieve. Rally them to your cause!

- Consider raffles the night of, or selling packages in advance, such as donated dinner & limo service & VIP ticket pair.

- Ask for local businesses to match funds raised at CLAW in exchange for thanking them in public.

- Be creative and propose ideas to us!

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CLAW requires that beneficiaries of CLAW funds be female or organizations that are co-founded by a female. Please explain how your organization meets these criteria:
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There are several fund-raising opportunities for your organization at CLAW:Door receipts, CLAWbucks sales, golden tickets with prizes from sponsors, and limited ringside seating, etc. Please briefly describe a plan for making the most of your opportunity as CLAW’s beneficiary.
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CLAW *IS* an adult event!
Please remember that CLAW *IS* an adult event and that the humor and subject matter often (good-naturedly) goes into politically incorrect, sexual, and/or boundary-pushing areas. There are many collaborators with CLAW, without direct editorial oversight. Please remember this and be sure to get the involvement of your stakeholders before agreeing to participate. xoxo CLAW
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