Tioata Paradise's League of Legends Battles 001
This is for signing up for the League of Legends Battles on the Tioata Paradise server. These battles are not official with Riot Games or sponsored or partnered with them. This is just for fun and participation to show off who is the best team to display on the server, site, and social media for Tioata Paradise!

Team Members are required a Discord Account and must be in Tioata Paradise Discord Server for Voice Channels that we will set them up with
Team Name *
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Summoner Name with Discord Username *
[Example] Summoner Name: <your summoner name here> | Discord: <your discord name>#<your discord tag>
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If a teammate cannot make it or if a player quits the match before it ends, the whole team is forfeit and disqualified from the event! If a player disconnected from internet issues please message a server admin immediately! So please plan ahead and make wise choices
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