!earshot Digital Distribution System Bug & Feedback Report Form
Please complete to the best of your knowledge, or send additional information to support@earshot-distro.ca
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Bug/Error Reporting ONLY
This section contains questions related to possible bugs/errors that you have encountered within the !eDDS. If you have a screenshot of error/bug feel free to email it to edds@ncra.ca after submitting this form.
Bug Description
Please the describe the bug that you experienced while using the !eDDS
What were you doing when the bug occurred?
Please explain where, and how you found the bug.
 If possible, provide the website address of the page you were on at the time
How did the issue manifest itself? (Did you receive an error message? Did something unexpected happen?)
What did you expect to occur? (If the bug didn't happen)
Feedback Report
Not technical related - But things you would like to see different
Feedback Information
Are there any features, tweaks, suggestions etc. that you would suggest be implemented into the !eDDS to improve the usage of the system?
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