Girls Who Love Monsters Application
"Girls Who Love Monsters" is an upcoming collaborative artbook featuring women and their love of monsters.

Please read through this page in its entirety before applying.
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Why are you making a book just for women?
Excellent question! Monsters (anything from Classic Hollywood Monsters, Cryptids, Dinosaurs, Kaiju, you name it) has been primarily associated with men. Far too often, women are either looked down upon, shunned, or ignored by the general fandom. Men often ask "where are all the women?" when they have been present all along.

This aim of this book is to share our stories and love of monsters -- and prove it's not just for boys!
Who can apply?
Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to apply! This includes (but is not limited to) transwomen, non-binary individuals, and cis-gender women.

While this book will be for all ages, you must be 18 or older OR have permission from an adult to apply. (In order to ship your goods I will need to collect your address.)
What is the application process?
The book will feature several different artists with a combination of visual arts and prose. Each application will be carefully reviewed for quality and relevance. Applications open October 2019 and close December 1, 2019. You will receive an email of your acceptance to the project.

There will be an option to select if you would like to be on the waitlist if you do not make it in the first round. The waitlist is important in case anyone drops out or does not use all their allotted pages. (Artists will have up to 9 pages but some people may not use all their pages, allowing those who are on the waitlist to participate.)
What are the book specifications?
The book will be 8.5x11 inches softcover with 200 full-color pages. Each artist will have up to 9 pages to submit their work.

What can be submitted:
1) Comics (up to 9 pages)
2) Illustrations
3) Photography (original photography, photographs of three-dimensional work, original textiles, etc.)
4) Short Stories
5) Prose, Poetry, etc

In addition, each artist will be asked to write a short piece about themselves and their relationship with the Monster Fandom. This is open-ended and could be anything from a story of how the artist got into the fandom or how the fandom influences them. A short artist statement will also be collected for each piece.

What will NOT be accepted:
1) Images of COPYRIGHTED characters - all images MUST be original work
2) Work done prior to the collaboration. All work must be original and new for this project
3) Toy Photography - we are avoiding using imagery of all copyrighted characters
4) Low resolution art
5) Artwork containing explicit images of gore and/or nudity (this is an all-ages project)

Guidelines for art and prompts will be posted after contributors are chosen and contacted.
Will I get paid?
YES. Each artist in the book will receive a percentage based on cost of printing the books and the number of books sold. Each artist will also receive their own copy of the book!

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that this will depend on a successful Kickstarter campaign. If you are accepted as part of the collaboration, you run the risk of not getting paid if the Kickstarter project is not funded.
Please follow @girls4monsters on Twitter for updates. Any questions can be directed to Destinie Carbone (aka Kaiju-hime) at
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