BCM212: Survey
Hello, my name is Sophie Macaulay and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications at the University of Wollongong. I would like to invite you to be apart of my research project.

My research project is based on whether memes can be considered a form of literature. Memes are highly addictive and powerful in today's world. Despite this, they are often dismissed as merely images or videos with layers of humour. My curiosity led me to this topic as I am constantly engaging with memes.

I ask you to please answer all the questions provided to the best of your ability. I hope you enjoy taking part in this survey and become curious yourself. Your participation is much appreciated and necessary for this research project to develop further. I will respect your answers and confidentiality as they will be used in my research project with no other
outside parties involved.

If you have any questions and or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me via my twitter (@sophemacy) or email (sm918@uowmail.edu.au) or blog page (@sophemacy.wordpress.com).

The questions are below, they will take around fifteen minutes to answer. By beginning this survey, you're consenting to your answers being used in this research project.Thank you again for your time.

1. How would you define literature?
Your answer
2. Typically, would you associate literature with 'low-brow' or 'high-brow' culture?
3. Would you be more likely to retain information based on visual aids or written data?
4. Based on your answer above (Q3), why?
Your answer
5. On a daily basis, how often do you engage with internet memes?
No meme engagement
6. How would you define a meme?
Your answer
Short Clip for Q7:
Richard Dawkins explains the real meaning of the word 'meme', published on 28 Oct 2015, BI Insider, 'Science and Technology', https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iHZi-z7H4o.
7. After watching that short clip, please the tick the box which is most relevant when defining memetic theory.
8. Did your initial definition of a meme change?
9. In literature, genres are how we categorise texts. Which genre of literature attracts your attention more?
10. Based on your above answer (Q9), why?
Your answer
11. If memes were considered a genre of literature, would your answer change as a result?
Image for Q12:
12. How would you explain the meme above?
Your answer
13. How much of your meme engagement is related to animals?
14. The Fable genre usually involves animals acting as humans to demonstrate a moral or life lesson. Let's take 'Grumpy Cat' for example, would you associate its common memes with the Fable genre?
Image for Q15:
15. Would you agree that this cat is relatable to the human form?
16. Memes are not published, but circulated. Due to this fact, would you say memes cannot be seen as literature? Please state why in your answer.
Your answer
17. If memes were created by publishing houses, would that make them more or less circulated in this Digital Age?
18. Based on your above answer (Q18), why?
Your answer
19. Would you agree that authorship is required when considering forms of literature?
20. What is your preferred media platform when it comes to sharing, gathering and engaging with memes?
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