All surfers are welcome to collaborate to...
1-CREATE THE S&s APP (solve problems as you travel)
2-IMPROVE THE S&s WEBSITE (find solution to realize any kind of surf trip)

So far, S&s is already an international network of surfers. The site as it is already helps you to prepare the perfect surf trip

We want to take it further and add an app that will allow you to answer your practical questions during your trip thanks to the locals' knowledge and experiences. The app will use Google maps to make your research as easy as possible.

As our wish is for this concept to stay within the surfers community, we obviously want to ask their collaboration and participation.
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The locals' knowledge as you travel
Please note that the S&s app is not a mobile version of its site but an extra service for a full experience.

The following survey will help create the app so that it fits your needs.
What are your needs?
not so useful
very useful
Where to fix a board
What to do when it's flat
Where to rent a board
An easy going spot for family
A good surf shop
A surf spot for family time
Contact a local S&s member, a "surf trip angel" (only for S&s members)
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Please let us know which other useful information you would like to add on the app ( and don't ask for the secret spot ! )
Would you like to be a beta tester ? *
If yes, give us your name and email, we'll contact you as soon as the APP will be available
Are you a Swap & surf member ?
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On a first visit, how easy is it to understand the website ?
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Overall, how well does S&s website meet your surfer needs ?
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How easy was it to find what you were looking for on our website ?
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How visually appealing is Swap and surf ?
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How likely is it that you would recommend swap and surf to other surfers ?
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Extremely likely
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Do you have any other comments about how we can improve the Swap and surf website?
As a surfer, would you use the Swap and surf solution ?
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