CWU Math Honors Application
Thank you for your interest in the CWU Math Honors Program.

To learn more about the CWU Math Honor program make sure to check out the website

Also feel free to contact Dr. Brandy Wiegers ( for further information about the program.

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Declaring of a Mathematics Major is a requirement for the Math Honors Program. Please select your current major(s) in the list below:
List any additional majors/minors that you plan to attain:
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Current CWU GPA
Please note there is a 3.0 GPA requirement for the Math Honors program. If you are an entering student without a CWU GPA then please enter your GPA at your current institution.
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List of undergraduate Math classes taken with grades:
for example: Math 173: A
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Explain why you wish to join the Math Honors Program.
Strong responses will demonstrate that the applicant understands what is involved in being part of the program. If you still have questions about the program feel free to contact Dr. Brandy Wiegers.
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As you know, one important component of the Math Honors Program is regular service and outreach work. Describe one or more ideas you have for what you may want to do.
(Note: after you are admitted to the program, you are free to change your work).
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Confirming your interest in the program describes the program requirements for a student in good staying the CWU Math Honors program. By submitting this application you are confirming that you want/ are able to complete these requirements.
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