TechRep Registration Form: Techniche'17

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!"

With the technical extravaganza yet to begin, get a glimpse of what we have in store for you this time through our TechRep program. We at Techniche have been successful in carrying on the tradition of excellence for straight seventeen years.Since it's very modest beginnings, it has carved a niche for itself that sets it apart. To interact with the student population of the country on a much deeper level, we introduced the role of a TECHNICHE REPRESENTATIVE or the 'TechRep'. The 'TechRep' will act as an ambassador for Techniche in his/her own institute/college/university and will have responsibilities pertaining to Techniche.

The TechRep of a college will have a few responsibilities and we expect them to fulfill the following tasks
1. Posters will be sent through courier which are to be stuck at appropriate places.
2. Need to mail his/her college-mates through their central mailing system regarding various events in Techniche.
3. To post Techniche links on their departmental/college/university groups on Facebook and other social networking sites
.4. To acquire permissions (on our behalf) for a venue to organize a Techniche workshop or event, and conduct such events under the fest's name at institutional level.
5. To give regular updates and feedback about the awareness of Techniche in respective colleges and discuss necessary publicity strategy with our publicity Team.

Just like any member of our exclusive team here, we treat our TechReps with the same respect and trust them equivalent to a core member in organizing team. As a gesture of our trust in you,with reverence, we provide you recognition certificates on behalf of Techniche,IIT Guwahati for your contribution towards the branding and publicity strategy. Also the job is not without its perks, as it includes goodies, fee waivers, incentives and much more!

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