Commission Application
This form is to submit a commission inquiry. Please answer the following items to help me better understand your commission order! At the bottom of the page, it will ask for your PayPal email address as to where to send the invoice. Invoices are not sent until the price is agreed upon. Comic commissions are not applied in this application, if you have an inquiry for that, please send an email to

Inquiries with price quotes sent to them that are not accepted or denied will result in a deleted application.

You can view commission information and prices here:
What's the best way to contact you? (Twitter DMs, email etc. Please include Twitter name if not by e-mail.) *
How many characters am I drawing? *
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Is your commission NSFW? (i.e. nudity, explicit sexual content) *
How detailed would you say your order is? *
Is your commission for commercial use (i.e for profit such as Patreon asset, selling t-shirts, stickers and misc. merchandise for profit)? *
Will there be a background? *
Do you want your commission expedited? (Priority in order to meet a certain deadline such as a holiday, birthday, etc.) *
You can enter your references/description here: *
Other details/inquiries not specified in the previous questions can be addressed here:
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