Jay's Camp 2019 Registration
Thank you for joining us for our 40th Year! At Jay's Camp, we truly believe that each child deserves a unique and fulfilling camp experience. We are excited to welcome your family for 2019! Please fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. You will receive confirmation of your registration within five days. If you would like to secure your spot with a credit card payment, please make your payment on jayscamp.com or via the link at the bottom of the form.

Jay’s Camp Flash Sale
Pay in Full-Additional 5% Off if Paid in Full before September 15!!!

5 Days/8 weeks $3100
Siblings save an additional $700!

5 Days/4 weeks $1600
Siblings save an additional $350

3 Days/8 weeks $2000
Siblings save an additional $300

3 Days/4 weeks $1050
Siblings save an additional $150

Hold Your Spot, Hold Your Discount (Deposit)
Your discount matches your deposit!

$1000 down=$1000 additional discount

$750 down = $750 additional discount
$500 minimum deposit.

Deposits qualify for standard sibling discount and large referral discounts.
Spread payments over as many as 10 months!

Counselor In Training Program (8th-9th Grade)
8 weeks, 5 Days per week $2150
4 weeks, 5 days per week $1,100

Please note that these rates are only valid until September 22nd. Monthly payment plans and other flexible options are available. Please contact the office for a quote specific to your needs.

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