Upper Perkiomen Board Communication Line
In an effort to increase accountability, the board recognizes the need for a venue for employees, parents and citizens to be able to voice concerns/suggestions/ideas to the school board and remain anonymous if they so choose. ANYONE POSTING TO THE COMMUNICATION LINE SHOULD EXPECT THAT THEIR SUBMISSION, INCLUDING THEIR NAMES IF PROVIDED, COULD BE MADE PUBLIC. The board, nonetheless, encourages community members to provide contact information as it cannot assure that anonymous submissions will be acted upon. All responses go to the School Board President, Communication Line Committee Chair and Superintendent of Schools. Information will be provided to the full board unless comments are about legal implications to the District. Please click the attached link to the Public Complaint Policy 906 and the corresponding 906 AR for more information,
Policy 906: http://www.upsd.org/uploaded/Policies/906.pdf
906 AR: http://www.upsd.org/uploaded/Policies/906AR.pdf
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