ANSWERS Regular Non-Voting Membership
Thanks for your interest in becoming a member! We value your support.

REGULAR NON-VOTING MEMBER is an individual who:
- is not entitled to vote at any Meeting of Members
- is a sex worker, retired sex worker or Ally
- does not feel comfortable providing personal information
- may be registered with ANSWERS under any pseudonym they prefer without providing personal information
- is registered to participate or volunteer in any program, service, activity, or function of ANSWERS
- is not entitled to Notice of meetings
- has NO voting rights
- has NO access to online resources that could expose other individuals to identification
- are supporters of the Purposes of ANSWERS
- may provide donations or social media support, for instance
- may provide an email address to receive information
*membership is by donation (sex workers are exempt from this)
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I support ANSWERS's Purpose: Fight against the social stigma, discrimination and harm sex workers experience. Improve the quality of life and working conditions for sex workers. Provide outreach, support and advocacy for sex workers.Inform and educate the public about the difference between sex trafficking and sex work. Work towards decriminalization of sex work and labour rights for sex workers. Provide support and assistance to sex workers. Provide mentoring opportunities for sex workers. Provide outreach to health care workers, police and social workers. Continue to build healthy and positive relationships with all levels of government. Provide outreach and form alliances with other community organizations and activists. Provide outreach to sex workers in all fields of sex work to build community and solidarity. To liaise with MPs, MLAs, Councillors, Municipal personnel as we work together to educate to establish trust, understanding and respect. *
First and Last Name (you can use an alias) *
What are your pronouns?
What city and province do you live in?
How did you hear about ANSWERS?
Why are you interested in becoming a member?
Are you a current or retired sex worker and/or erotic labourer?
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If you answered yes to the above, would you be interested in participating in one of our projects: collecting the voices of sex workers (current and retired).
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For those who are current or retired sex workers and erotic labourers, ANSWERS is considering creating a Discord server to facilitate community building and support among sex workers. Is this something you would be interested in?
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If you are a sex worker and/or erotic labourer, how can we best support you?
ANSWERS will only keep my personal information as long as I associate with ANSWERS as a member. 

I will advise ANSWERS if there are any changes to my personal information (please refer to our online privacy policy for more information) 
Thank you for filling out this form and for your support! Memberships are based on donations (sex workers are exempt). A donation link will be provided upon submitting this form or you can find it on our website under the donation tab. Do you have any questions or have anything to add?
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