Adoption Questionaire-Canine
Our Mission
Hearts To Homes Humane Society Inc. is dedicated to finding homes for unwanted cats and dogs in high-kill shelters, preventing unwanted births through spay/neuter initiatives, and educating the public about animal welfare. (HTH Director: Ashley Skinner 229-237-0121)
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Is there a particular dog or puppy you are hoping to adopt? Please give us the name of the dog or puppy, or describe the type of cat you are looking for. *
If you saw a canine on Petfinder, Facebook, or on our website, please provide the name of the feline you hope to adopt. We would also love to know what personality/age you are looking for so that we can match you with a perfect companion!
List the breed and age of your current pets. *
Are all of your pets spayed/neutered? *
Do you have fence yard? *
Do you allow your dogs to free roam? *
Tell us about your previous pets. What happened to them? *
Who is your vet? (Vet name, Clinic Name, Number) *
How many hours on average is your pet alone during the day? *
Explain your normal daily routine and how your pets fit in. *
Are you a stay at home parent that is home most of the day? Are you gone during the work day and home in the evenings? What do you do with your pets while you are gone?
List the names and ages of the family members who live in your household including yourself. *
Is there anyone in your home that is allergic to dogs? If so, please explain. *
Are you prepared to provide veterinary care to your dog if it ever becomes ill? *
If your pet requires veterinary care at any point in its life, how much is too much? *
Do you own or rent? *
What major life changes do you anticipate in the next few years? *
Having a baby, moving, changing careers etc.
What will happen to your dog in the event you can no longer care for it? *
In the event that you move, what are your plans for your dog? *
What would you consider acceptable reasons to return an animal to a rescue? *
Check the following reasons you would give an animal up.
When you are gone, do your animals stay inside or outside? *
Have you ever turned a dog into the shelter? If yes, please explain. *
What else would you like us to know? *
Do you have a doggie door that permits animals to go outside? *
How did you learn about our available dogs or puppies? *
How would you describe your household? (quiet, active, noisy, etc.) *
I have completed this application truthfully and understand that completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee adoption. I understand that at the time of adoption, adopters are required to review and sign an adoption contract. I understand that the organization does not ship cats. *
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