2019 Gage Marine Boat Launch
There are only 11 Weeks until the 2019 Summer Season Begins!

16" of ice in Lake Geneva today? No Problem! SPRING AHEAD and schedule your boat delivery or pickup at Gage Marine ... the snow & ice will be gone before we know it!

Please fill out the boat launch form online by clicking the link below.
You are scheduled ONLY if you have received confirmation. Your service must be approved, completed, and account must be current before we can your boat pick up/delivery. Keep in mind that there is a max. of boats we can do daily and everyone will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Boat deliveries will be scheduled on a "week of" basis, as in past years, BEGINNING on Monday with all deliveries completed that week by 5pm Friday leaving Saturday as a make-up day should weather be a challenge that week. (Customers picking their boat(s) up will still schedule on a specific date/time basis).

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