MCA Auto Payment Enrollment and Authorization Agreement
I (We) hereby authorize MCA Accounting & Consulting to debit the monthly (or bi-weekly) payment owed to MCA Accounting & Consulting pursuant to my (our) Accounting engagement, including any late fees, NSF fees, or other amounts then due as described in the engagement, automatically on the monthly (or bi-weekly) payment due date set forth in said engagement from my (our) below-described bank account. MCA Accounting & Consulting may cancel this authorization at any time. I (We) may cancel this authorization by contacting MCA Accounting & Consulting in writing and said cancellation shall be effective five (5) business days after receipt of request. I (We) have the right to receive written notice at least ten (10) days before the scheduled date of a monthly (or bi-weekly) payment debit if the debit will be different in amount from the prior debit made under this Agreement, or different from the contract payment amount (plus any late charges, NSF fees, and other fees and charges that may be due). I (We) also have the option of receiving this written notice only if a debit falls outside a certain dollar range, or only when a debit will differ from the most recent debit by more than a certain dollar amount.
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