NEW Leadership Ohio – May 20-24, 2019
NEW Leadership Ohio is an initiative of The Ohio State University co-sponsored by the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, The Department of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the Women's Fund of Central Ohio. The purpose of this program is to educate Ohio college women about politics and policy-making to actively engage them in the political process. NEW Leadership participants spend five days in an intensive, residential institute. During this time participants will learn the history of women’s involvement in public life, gain leadership skills in public speaking, advocacy and diversity, and form a network of their peers as well as current women leaders. Once the residential institute ends, NEW Leadership participants are encouraged to continue to build their leadership skills on their home campuses and to consider running for public office in the future.

Costs: Given the generosity of our sponsors, NEW Leadership Ohio pays for all program costs, including lodging, breakfast and dinner. NEW Leadership students are responsible for lunch on one occasion and travel costs in getting to and from the program in Columbus, Ohio. Given the immense efforts put forth to fully fund each NEW Leadership student, accepted students cannot defer program enrollment.

Eligibility: NEW Leadership Ohio is open to women enrolled in any Ohio 2-year or 4-year college or university, or Ohio residents attending school outside of the state. Preference is given to undergraduate women. Participants represent different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as a variety of academic majors, ages and interests.

Selection Criteria:
Campus and Community Affiliations - Has campus/community affiliations with evidence of active involvement.

Leadership - Evidence that colleagues see the applicant as a leader; passion for ideals is evident.

World View – Evidence that applicant understands and is sensitive to community or world challenges.

Strengths and Special Abilities - Articulation of an array of strengths that indicate good personal insight; provides evidence of meeting challenges and growing from experiences.

Diversity - Evidence of contributing to diversity; demonstrates value for diversity.

Personal Statement – Written statement is well-written, free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Personal Goals - Articulated goals are consistent with what NEW Leadership program can offer; sees NEW Leadership program as being of value to her.

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