Dragon Realm Press and The Enchanted Quill Press are proud to announce that together, we will be organizing a charity USA Today list aiming box set! The people behind both companies are highly experienced and motivated individuals, including two multiple USA Today bestsellers who will work with the authors in the set to hit the list and earn that title.

We are looking for authors who would be interested in joining us on this adventure.

We will personally select a maximum of 30 authors to join this set who we believe will work hard, have the right experience and enough followers to see us reach this milestone. Please do not take it personally if you are not selected. Authors who are chosen will have a contract and invoice sent to them by January 1st 2020. Everyone's invoice will then need to be paid by February 1st. There can be no exceptions to this, no extensions and no payment plans.

The set will be priced at 0.99c for the duration of the pre-order and for 1 week after launch. After that date, we will put the set into Kindle Unlimited for 3 months to try and make as much money as possible for the Make a Wish Foundation. After the period is over, authors will be given rights to their books back and will be free to market it as they wish.


Authors must be able to write a full length fairytale retelling with a minimum of 50k words. Co-authors are permitted.

This book needs to be brand new, professionally edited and have it's own cover by dates specified by the publishers (EQP & DRP).

You need to be extremely motivated and prepared to WORK HARD.

You must be able to follow guidance from the publishers and your box set managers. Anything that you are asked to do is done so with the aim of hitting that USAT list.

This will be a charity box set, meaning that all profits will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

A buy in of $550 along with a signed and dated contract is required.

If you choose to pull out of this set then you will not receive a refund under any circumstances. Getting USAT requires commitment and money. It will not work if authors back out taking their money with them.

Buy in money will be used by the publishers to advertise the set and pay for other expenses. Authors will also be expected to pay additional monies for things such as buy-swaps and author organized promo's and giveaways. The buy-in budget is very tight so we cannot contribute to those additional giveaways from that pot of money.

Authors understand that there is no guarantee that we will hit USAT, but understand that if we work hard enough as a team that the likelihood of reaching it is much higher.

Authors agree to follow all direction with regard to pushing on social media. They will be expected to get as many NL and Bookbub recommendation swaps and be posting everywhere as frequently as possible. Authors are also expected to react to other box set posts as much as possible to help with visibility. Authors will need to have the set in their NL and will need that NL to go out EVERY WEEK for a minimum of 6 months before the launch of the set.

The set will be put up on pre-order on Amazon 12 months in advance. Authors will be expected to promote the set from the beginning on more of a 'soft launch' basis, but understand that they will need to be heavily promoting from 6 months before launch. They should expect to spend approx 10 hours a week promoting the set in the 6 months before launch.

Authors are permitted to employ PA's to help out with these tasks but understand that the cost is to them and not to the set.
The set will be placed on pre-order on Feb 23, 2020 and will launch Feb 23 2021. All manuscripts must be edited and sent to us by 23 Nov 2020 for checking. If editing is not done professionally then our editors will do it and the bill will be passed onto the author. This set needs to reflect your best work.

Authors that have been approved will be assigned a fairytale to write a BRAND NEW retelling of. It can be in any sub-genre you choose but please ensure that it is suitable for people 18 years and younger to read.


Experienced authors, USAT title holders and marketers working with you to reach this epic goal.

A professional cover and formatting for the set.

We will guide you and support you all along the way.

You will also receive a course from Dragon Realm Press (worth $200 USD) throughout the 12 month pre-order period to support you and build your skill set.

The Enchanted Quill Press will also offer each author 1 social media builder promo for free (worth $50) and 10% any other promo you choose to book throughout the 12 month pre-order period.

EQP and DRP will also add this set to any applicable promo we run free of charge.

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