WordPress Agency Case Study Survey
The Make WordPress Marketing team is conducting this survey on agencies using WordPress for client work. The results of the survey will be published as a case study on our Marketing blog.

We may also use the results for development of materials useful for agencies and freelancers to market WordPress to clients, as well as providing information to larger businesses and enterprises for choosing a web content management platform.

See our website for WordPress Marketing information and resources: https://make.wordpress.org/marketing/

Please provide an email address associated with your company web domain to participate in this survey.

Published case studies are here:


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The information you provide on this survey will be tallied for use and publication by the WordPress.org Marketing team. We may contact you to verify the status of your company and the information that you provided on this survey. See our Privacy Policy: https://wordpress.org/about/privacy/

● Names of individual people on cases should not be mentioned; use descriptive roles.
(We ask for your name as a respondent, but your name will not be published)
● Brands, premium solutions, and client products may be mentioned but not promoted.
● Comparative product information and trade secrets should not be included.
● Financial information should not be included.
● WordPress.org reserves the right to exclude or edit any information you provide.
● Please do not use this survey for support requests or other issues, as they will be ignored.
( For WordPress assistance, visit https://wordpress.org/support/ )

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Describe the web project briefly and indicate the scope, complexity, and size of the project.
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What were the original goals and challenges for the project? E.g: 'Migrate mixed web content to a single web platform…'
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What were the main reasons you chose WordPress instead of another CMS technology?
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Were there any expected or unexpected obstacles to resolve? E.g: 'No default integration for a key service component…'
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Explain the approach you took to overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve client goals and deliver a solution. E.g: 'Created custom theme from a starter framework with custom content types for client taxonomy…'
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Summarize the results of the project for the client. E.g: 'Improved client UX via responsive mobile layouts with retina and SVG images…'
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