First Communion 4-26-2020
Family Prayer before you get started
What is your FULL NAME ?
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What grade are you in?
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Two of the ways God reveals his amazing plan for our lives are through ___________________________.
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Jesus is the greatest _________ who ever lived.
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We gather at church with our family, friends, and our parish family to _______________________________,
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The Creed
The Creed is a summary of what we believe as Catholics. You can find the Nicene Creed on pages 96 and 97 of the workbook. Take a few minutes to read it slowly and deliberately. Stop after every line and ask yourself, “Do I believe this is true?” If you have doubts or questions, don’t get discouraged. Recognize them as opportunities to study our great faith. Explore those doubts and questions vigorously, one at a time.

Examine why the Church teaches what she teaches in each instance, and allow your questions and doubts to strengthen your faith rather than diminish it. Then share what you learn with your child.
In your own words what is THE CREED?
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