Coventry & Leamington Summer Rapidplay Tournament 2021
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The Coventry & Leamington Online Chess League (CLOCL) will be running its inaugural 2021 Summer Rapidplay Tournament, following a very successful Spring League with 30 Local teams across 3 Divisions! The CLOCL is a joint League, organised by the Coventry & District Chess League (CDCL), and the Leamington & District Chess League (LDCL).

--- This will be an individuals' competition, instead of a team event.

--- Entries may be taken on this form, or by email. (If entering by email, please provide all the information, that this form asks for!)

--- This Rapidplay is OPEN to all players and members of clubs, who partook in the CLOCL Spring League, or currently play (/played) or live (/lived) in the area covered by clubs in the Coventry League, and the Leamington League. The event is FREE to enter, and will be played (by default) on Lichess, which is also FREE to use/register, as long as you have an email address!

--- If two players wish to play their 7.30pm fixture for a particular evening OVER-THE-BOARD, at a mutually agreed location, in ACCORDANCE with the latest Government's Covid Regulations, that is permitted. The Joint League, is happy to support efforts to return to over-the-board chess, where permitted by the Law. (If you have played your fixtures in-person, please indicate so, on the results sheet.)

The Guide to Playing Games on Lichess for this Rapidplay Tournament, may be found here: [] (* updated link coming soon *)

Please provide your Name, Lichess Account Name, and email address, to enter this event. Only your name and LiChess account name will be made public, for you to find and play your opponents. (If you are a parent or guardian for an U18 player, enter the appropriate details which you wish your child to play under.)

15 minutes + 10 second increment, play opponent in both colours.
6 Rounds. 7.30pm start. (Default time: 7.45pm - email us / whatsapp us, if this happens.)
Every Tuesday, listed below:
Round Dates:
R1 08-JUNE
R2 15-JUNE
R3 22-JUNE
R4 06-JUL
R5 13-JUL
R6 20-JUL
(Each game will be scored under a 1-0.5-0 system.)

***Entries close: 7.30pm MONDAY 07th JUNE.***
Enter your Results after each round here, in the GREEN column:
Finalised Pairings: *Link Coming Soon*
Round 1 Pairings Published: 1:00pm Tuesday 08th June. (and every week thereafter, every Tuesday 1:00pm)
(If you can't play every week, you may have up to 2 half-point byes [2/6 weeks], apart from the Final Week 6. To request a bye, email before the round pairings are published! A list of bye will be published and regularly updated.)

SUBMIT results: Enter them here: Ideally, include the game links, so we can tabulate them for our best game prizes! (To nominate a game for Game of the Week: link/email TBC !)

PRIZES / Trophies, for Winners: C&L Joint League Summer Rapidplay Champion 2021, C&L Joint League Summer Rapidplay Runner-Up. [U18 Prizes: TBC]
Grading Prizes: TBC.
TIEBREAKS: Direct Encounter, Sum of Progressive Scores
SEEDING: (1) ECF Rapidplay Grade (2) ECF Standardplay Grade (3) FIDE Rapidplay Rating (4) A rating designated by the Tournament Organisers.

The Tournament Organisers will comprise of the CLOCL Steering Committee.
Rapidplay Tournament Chief Arbiter: Hok Yin Stephen Chiu
Joint-League Co-Chair(s): Ben Graff & Colin Green
Joint-League Secretary: Malcolm Harding
The Organisers will be assisted by the CLOCL Sub-Committee for Fairplay.

Contact email for the Championship, to Hok/Ben/Colin:
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