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Hello! Thank you for thinking of Cultivate Counseling for your counseling and mental health needs. We look forward to being able to support you in your journey and value the hope and courage that it's taken you to get this far.
Please take a minute to fill out the form below as this will help us get you scheduled as soon as possible. There is no commitment and if you find someone sooner you can just let us know when we call you. Currently we are expecting about 30 days for new clients to get scheduled.
If you have any further questions you can call us at 928.865.5024 or email us at
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Adolescence Disclaimer
All of our therapists are mandated reporters of child abuse. What this means is if your teen discloses any abuse that hasn't previously been reported, we are required by law to make a report of this abuse. We review this mandate with all prospective clients so they know what to expect before coming in for their first appointment.
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