Questionnaire to QuiltCon 2020 Sashiko Workshop.
It is an honor to be a part of the QuiltCon 2020 with our popular Sashiko Workshop. It is my first time to have the big audience like this time. I will do everything to deliver the basic and core of Sashiko we practice. Your feedback and expectation would be so much appreciated to develop my workshop-flow. Thank you very much in advance, and I am looking forward to meeting you.
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About the Material Kit
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About yourself as a participant.
Please share your experience and expectation. This workshop is fun and enjoyable workshop - yet, it is more like a learning opportunity rather than "Let's enjoy Sashiko." I will share a lot of new information. Your expectation is very helpful to organize the long 6-hours workshop.
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Do you have any experience in Sashiko?
Have you ever watched the Youtube Video of Atsushi stitching?
Here is the Youtube Channel.
What do you expect to learn from the workshop (the most)?
I have a very good structured workshop based on my last 3 years of experience. I will make sure to go over your expectation.
What are the keywords you are specifically interested in?
In 6 hours of sharing, I will have some time to share the stories related to Sashiko. Please let me know your interest so I can prepare the materials to share. I will bring our collections based on this keywords as well.
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