Creative Resilience book: Call for contributions!
When it comes to dealing with challenges, creative educators and their art and design students have unique perspectives to offer each other and other disciplines. Our unconventional ways of defining and approaching problems and viewing the world through a visionary lens help us rise to meet constraints in fresh and creative ways. Our increasingly complex and trying times need creative educators' perspectives on resilience, in the classroom and beyond.

Now is the time to activate and share our superpowers. Or, in the words of Toni Morrison, “This is precisely the time when artists go to work.”

This edited collection of case studies, project ideas, exercises, and short essays on best practices observed from classrooms in creative disciplines will offer lessons for lessons from art and design faculty and courses that can bolster readers' practices, learning process, and motivation to use creativity in an ever-changing environment. While we are looking primarily for submissions from art and design faculty, graduate students, recent graduates, and upper-level undergraduate students (3rd year and up) are encouraged to apply.

Takeaways should be of interest not only to educators and students in design and art disciplines, but there should also be an element, embedded lesson, or idea that is transferable to people who are not studying or working in creative practice.

Please complete this form with your contribution proposal(s) for the book _Creative Resilience: Lessons from artists & designers for learning and living in an uncertain world_ (working title), edited by Kelly M. Murdoch-Kitt (University of Michigan) and Dr. Denielle J. Emans (Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar).

**Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will close on March 29, 2021.**

Please direct any questions about this project or your submission to:
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