Nevada Thespian State Board Application
The Nevada Thespian State Board is comprised of three very important parts: an adult adjunct board, a full time adult voting board and an alumni board.

The ADULT ADJUNCT BOARD is comprised of individuals at least 21 years of age and at least 4 years post high school graduation, who wish to be a part of the board to assist with conferences, discuss issues, policies and ideas, but are not able to attend all meetings and events. The adjunct member is a non-voting member of the board. The adjunct member is welcome to attend any or all meetings and events as they are able and to voice their ideas and concerns. The adjunct member may serve on any board committee and/or be in charge of any board duty except voting. These board members can choose to remain adjunct members as long as they wish and are an integral part Nevada Thespians.

The ALUMNI BOARD is comprised of individuals who are graduates from a Nevada High School Thespian Troupe and want to be involved in conferences and events when they have the time to help. There is no age limit on who may be a part of the Alumni board, the individual simply must be a post high school graduate. The may hold special sessions or meetings to discuss specific alumni related duties and tasks. The alumni board will be invited to attend most meetings and their input is a valuable part of the growth of our state. The alumni board will be in charge of building a strong post high school alumni association. Alumni members may remain on the alumni board as long as they wish and are an integral part of Nevada Thespians.

The ADULT VOTING BOARD is selected each year after state conference. It is comprised of members at least 21 years of age and at least 4 years post high school graduation who have served at least the previous full year as an adjunct member and wish to be more involved in all conferences as well as decision making. It is expected that a full time voting member will fulfill the following:
* Attend and assist at the set up meetings for conferences.
* Attend any scheduled board meetings
* Attend any emergency board meetings if at all possible.
* Fulfill the duties and tasks of their specific board position
* Attend the annual state board retreat (generally in August)
* Travel may be required

State Board Intent Applications for the Adult Voting Board will be made available to all adjunct members in the spring.

All board members regardless of position will be subject to a background check
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