Vail Middle Schools ~ Responsible Use Policy 2020-21
You have a wonderful opportunity before you! You have the opportunity to use the school's technology resources for your education. These resources will broaden your horizons, provide diverse opportunities, and prepare you for the world of today. You will be able to access the Internet with school resources. The Internet has great promise for sharing ideas and knowledge, it is also has the potential for misuse. The Vail School District does filter the Internet in an effort to block material that is not appropriate for students. However, as with some tools, there are cautions to be taken. This Responsible Use Policy (RUP) will outline some of those cautions, provide direction for the use of the resources, and you will affirm your commitment to comply with this RUP.
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In Vail, students follow the ACT Statement when using technology.
Are Respectful and Trustworthy
- Respect the technology equipment (Chromebooks, tablets, projectors, document cameras, cameras, and printers). Treat it as
their own.

- Use all protective means possible to care for the device and charger.

- Respect, self, peers, teachers, and staff when using technology.

- Be polite, and use no vulgar, harassing, or bullying language or behaviors...
- When using email
- When using social media
- When posting online
- Respect the network and devices.

- Do not waste system resources or disrupt the others’ use of the network, such as unnecessary printing, file storage, and high bandwidth activities (streaming movies/music).

- Do not load or execute non-approved programs or content without express permission of the school tech staff and the supervising staff member (teacher, librarian, etc.). Ask before doing.

- Respect other people’s work. (Copyright and Plagiarism)

- Copyright infringement happens when you inappropriately copy someone else’s work that is protected by copyright.

- Plagiarism is when you take someone else’s work and present it as if it were your own. Plagiarism is not acceptable and is not tolerated. All sources must be cited.
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Care About Each Other
- Care about self and peers when engaged with technology.

- Do not engage in cyberbullying on any technology, such as: social media, email, etc.
- Always conduct yourself in a responsible, ethical, and polite manner
- Use email appropriately and carefully
- Understand that school-issued devices and accounts can be searched and monitored

- Care about the technology equipment.

- Do not eat or drink when using the equipment.

- Keep the equipment clean and sanitary.
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Take Responsibility
- You understand that technology, and access to it, is a privilege and not a right.

- You are responsible for your actions when using technology.
- Do not engage in the following:
- Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
- Using obscene language
- Giving personal information, such as complete name, phone number, address, or identifiable photo, without permission
from teacher and parent or guardian.
- Harassing, insulting, cyber bullying, or attacking others
- Damaging or modifying computers, computer systems or computer networks
- Violating copyright laws
- Using others' passwords
- Trespassing in others’ folders, work or files
- Intentionally wasting resources
- Employing the network for commercial purposes, financial gain, or fraud

- Do not cause intentional damage to hardware or software in any way.

- Be responsible when using the network
- Only use your username and password. Never login under another user’s account.
- Protect your login information for all websites and services
- Only go to appropriate sites. Never bypass or attempt to bypass filters, including the use of proxies or other methods of anonymous access. While at school, do not access the Internet via a non-Vail network, such as with a cell phone data plan or separate router.

- Be responsible for your data and use of data
- You are the only one responsible or accountable for the quality of the information you find online
- You are the only one responsible for backing up and storing your data.
- The school and district are not responsible or liable for any data loss or inaccuracy

- Be responsible for your online actions & aware of your digital footprint
- Keep your communications school-appropriate.
- Don’t engage in personal attacks or harassment.
- Use clear, concise, and appropriate language. Think about what you have to say and how you say it. Email/Posting doesn’t
show sarcasm or wit as well as you might think.
- Respect privacy (yours and everyone else's). Do not repost a message without the permission of the person who sent it.
- Don’t share personal information.
- You are responsible for everything that happens to your assigned device.
- Respect device loaners as though they are the originally issued device.
- Know that should a loaner suffer damage, the student who possesses it at the time is responsible for the damages to the loaner device.

- You are responsible for any content on your device regardless of how it originated.

- Report any issues, including loss or theft, to the appropriate school and law enforcement authorities as soon as possible.
- If a device is stolen, case numbers are provided to school administration and technology staff immediately.

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