Submissions for Fall Faculty Symposium Presentations
On the afternoon of October 13, 2017, Middlebury will host its first Fall Faculty Symposium to celebrate and share the research and creative work of its accomplished faculty. We invite every Middlebury faculty member, regardless of appointment or discipline, to propose a presentation of their research and/or creative work to be shared at the symposium. Note that we will be featuring faculty scholarship and creative work, not their pedagogy or commentary on other issues (except as they intersect with research interests, as with the scholarship on teaching & learning).

Standard presentations will be 15-minutes long and presented for a general educated audience of non-specialists. There are options for non-standard formats, especially for creative work or research posters. Proposals are due by the end of the day on May 15.
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Please list keywords for presentation, including topics and methods/approaches. These will help us group presentations into interdisciplinary panels with common threads. *
Most faculty will offer standard oral presentations, with A/V set-up for slides, audio and/or video. However, we would like to allow for other presentation options if appropriate - please indicate your preferred format for sharing your work. *
If you chose something other than the standard oral presentation, please explain how you would like to present this work.
Please list any co-authors or major collaborators on this work, indicating if any are Middlebury faculty, staff, or students. (Note that while we encourage collaborators to attend, Middlebury faculty should be the primary presenters. Each project will typically be given a 15-minute presentation slot, regardless of the number of collaborators.)
The plan is to run three 90 minute panel slots on Friday, October 13, at 1:00pm, 2:45pm, and 4:30pm. Note that classes do officially meet that day, but we encourage faculty to cancel afternoon class meetings to attend relevant presentations. If you have a conflict that will make it impossible to present in one of these slots, please indicate any slot when you absolutely CANNOT present:
Since we hope to assemble coherent panels around topics, questions, or themes, we may have trouble fitting all proposed presentations together. If you have a second topic that you would also be interested in presenting instead of the one discussed above, briefly describe it here. We may contact you for a second title/abstract if that ends up being a better option for fitting into the program.
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Thank you for submitting your work! We will be in touch with everyone by early June.
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