Galaxy Radio Application 2016
Membership is £15 for a radio presenter, £5 for associate member (won't be allowed in the studio)
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We like to stay in touch. Give us one that you actually read, preferably your uni one.
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If "Yes", welcome back, and if "No", welcome to the team!
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We're just interested. (It helps us to identify you too!)
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Is there anything you do that you think we should know?
Are you a photographer, DJ, singer, multi-linguist, sword swallower or sheep herder? Let us know.
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What other student groups are you a member of?
We might need to borrow some of your contacts!
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What time do you want you're show to be?
Slots are limited so please put down all times you are able to make and any preffence you may have. Times avalible are Monday - Sunday, 7am - Midnight
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