2020 Summer Staff Application
HI! Welcome to the Blue Lake United Methodist Camp 2020 Summer Staff Application!
We are so excited that you are interested in working with us this summer! We at Blue Lake are seeking young adults to join us in the journey of pouring God's Love into the children and youth of West Florida and Alabama. We are looking for all kinds of people who are excited to spend a summer outside, sweating a lot, playing with kids, leading by example, making lifelong friends and showing God's love! If you are interested at all in this opportunity I want to invite you to apply, and if you have any questions as you work on the application please don't hesitate to reach out to me at programs@bluelakecamp.com!
I look forward to reading your application soon,
Jessie Spangler
Program Director
1. Read and complete application in full.

2. Submit references:
Two references are required:
One from your pastor/campus minister/church worker
One of your own choosing (not a relative)
Both references MUST be submitted to the program director before an interview is set. You can find the reference form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNi48OZF_2f3WD43zVuaaqZMY-MBK2NjehlfbrM_yo26AUFA/viewform or on our website at bluelakecamp.com/jobs

3. Schedule an interview:
A. To be considered for a position on summer staff, each applicant must be interviewed.
B. Interviews can take place at Blue Lake, another designated place, or skype
C. The interview will be an extension of the written application dealing with your Christian growth, your ability to relate to others, and your personal strengths and weaknesses.
D. At the time of the interview, please be prepared to ask appropriate logistical questions about the summer. Blue Lake Camp will answer questions you have about the day-to-day operations of summer camp, and what the position you are interested in involves.

**It is in your best interest that this application is returned as soon as possible.

**All applications are due by April 12, 2020, at the LATEST. If positions remain open, the application date will be extended but do not rely on this possibility. Contact the camp office to see if positions are still open after the application deadline.

Contact the Camp Office with any questions: (334)-222-5407 or programs@bluelakecamp.com
Personal Information
Please fill out as completely as possible. This helps us get to know you better! Red asterisks mean required questions.
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Are you in School? *
If yes to the previous question, where do you attend, what are you studying, and when do you expect to graduate?
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Do you attend a church/ministry? If so, where? (including school ministries or faith based clubs) *
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How long have you attended that church/ministry?
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Which position(s) are you interested in? *
You can choose up to 3 choices. The Lifeguard selection is for if you ONLY want to be an hourly Lifeguard
Are you interested in being a lifeguard? (in addition to other duties as a summer staff member) *
If you have multiple certifications that you believe are relevant and are not listed, please list them in the "other" box
Check any certifications you hold that will remain current through August 2020
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