Bonaire Large Parrotfish Monitoring
Parrotfishes play an important role on coral reefs by grazing algae that can otherwise overgrow and outcompete corals. Because of this, some Caribbean islands– including Bonaire– have banned parrotfish fishing. Yet, on other islands like St. Croix and Jamaica parrotfish are a target fishery species.

With your help, local dive shops and the Cal Poly Marine Conservation Lab are working together to monitor the largest three parrotfish species on Bonaire: Rainbow, Midnight, and Blue parrotfish (aka “The Big 3”). This study will help inform Caribbean scientists and managers how Bonaire’s parrotfishes management influences population trends of these iconic and important fish!
Thank you for helping with this research!
It is important to log dives where you *did not see any of these 3 parrotfishes* as well as those where you did. The data on their absence and well as their presence will help us better understand movements and trends in parrotfish populations over time!

Also, please only log dives between sunrise and sunset, when parrotfish are active on the reefs.
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At least 1 Rainbow parrotfish
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At least 1 Blue parrotfish
Thank you for supporting this conservation research!
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